Home And Garden security

Garden security is very important for most people, in this article we will discuss some of the options you can have to ensure you and your property is safe.


Installing security fencing around your property


The most common option for securing you and your property is a security fence more specifically is palisade fencing and palisade gates


A high quality security fence is the best option as it will last for many years and is specifically designed to deter unwanted intruders by having the highest quality locks on the gates and is generally tall to deter anyone from scaling it.


Installing cctv cameras

This is a popular option at the current time as electronics are becoming cheaper, a cctv system that will do the job can be purchased from an online store or auction for less than $150 - £100.


A kit in this price range will have a record function that will record to a hard drive and you can access it at any time. Night vision is also a standard for in this price range and is a must have as most disturbances happen at night.


The benefits of having a dog


The majority of families have a pet dog and some have a guard dog. A guard dog is of a certain breed and is brought up to look after you and your property, any intruders and the dog will make a very loud bark.


You must consider may things before deciding to purchase a dog. One of these is if small children are present, a guard dog is generally noisy and it is more common than you think that they bite so you must really consider if having a pet is the right choice.


Considering a Security alarm


A security alarm is a good option if you are worried about intruders entering your property whilst you are out at work or when you are on holiday, it is possible to activate them while you are sleeping but is not recommended if you have pets as these can set the alarm off.


Security alarms normally have room sensors and also door and window sensors. If the door or window is opened the alarm will sound for a specified length of time, the same applies if the room sensor is activated.


Upgrading external doors


If you think that your external doors are the weakest point to your property you can have steel security doors installed. The cost of having them installed can vary depending on the quality and workmanship.


In this article we have briefly discussed the many options you have to protect your home and family, and property with palisade gates and cctv security